My wife and I have known Chris Hubka for many years in the industry and as customers/clients he has always rated highly as a skilled and experienced professional/agent who goes the extra mile, including being part of the local community participation. Deals in a friendly and honest manner and provides for the minimal stress and as organised as possible sales/real estate process. Chris has always been impressive and we would not hesitate to use him for a sale, and he would be lucky to get also if you were the buying party involved in a real estate transaction. An excellent communicator also and always available to talk to or run ideas/strategies past (including in his own time) and in my experience he will do what it takes to get the property sold for the best result possible including chasing down leads and negotiating favourable solutions and outcomes based on what is realistic.

We highly recommend Chris and his agency as a trustworthy operator offering great service and peace of mind. Keep it up!

Josh Fourdrinier

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